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As Poppyfield is a big happy family and because Pyraffen's website is curently not available, we decided to show their afghans on our site. So, please access their section here and you'll see their dogs and results.


This beautiful Christmas card is the original creation of our friend - Lisa (LiLa - webdesign) who always impressed us with her talent. Thank you, Lisa!!!


We are very happy to announce the new litter expected at the beginning of February. As sire we have choosen the young star Ice - Via Aurelia av Poppyfield who mated our most beautiful queen Tiger - Tiger Moth av Poppyfield. Inquiries are welcome.


CACIB Kassel (D), judge: Herr Münstermann (D) our co-owned female Pia - Olympe de Gouge av Poppyfield got ex.2 in junior class. She is staying at von Deilbachtal kennel in Germany.


CAC Hamar (N), Judge: Juoko Leiviska (Finland)

Loppe - Pauline Leon av Poppyfield wins Nord. Jr.W-06. Madam, Madame de Pompadur av Poppyfield got Ex.2


World Dog Show in Poznan, Loppe - Pauline Leon av Poppyfield, entered in junior class got excellent remark, under Tamas Jakell (HU). At the same show, Titania -Titania av Poppyfield, for her last show got Excellent 3 in veteran class at 11 years old. Same results for Ice - Via Aurelia av Poppyfield, Thor - Gazardiel av Poppyfield and Kaja - Liwet av Poppyfield.


New photos of Pia - Olympe de Gouge av Poppyfield, 11 months old.



New reason to be proud of: Loppe, Pauline Leon av Poppyfield got Ex.1 and her sister Madam, Madame de Pompadur av Poppyfield got Ex.2 in junior class and the honour prize under judge Bjorg Foss (N) in Kongsvinger(N).



New photo of Kaja - Liwet av Poppyfield, winning the group and her last title Ch.Cum Laudae



Via Appia av Poppyfield got her 3. LC CAC in Sweden today. As she alredy has 2 norwegian CAC she is now N.S. LCCH. She is Poppyfield's LCCH nr. 4.



I am very proud to announce a new champion title for our young star: Liwet av Poppyfield - Kaja. Her 7th one! Not only that she won again CAC, but she didn't stoped until she was selected for first 5 for BIS!!! Only one week before she is 18 months old!
Her new title is a very special one, rarely seen in Romania: Champion Cum Laudae - a latin name for a title won by dogs that won 3 times in raw in champion class, with at least one time BOB...Her uncle Ice has it, too...
I am also very proud of her brother Gazardiel av Poppyfield - Thor, who won his 4th CAC in only one month and also BOS.
Bravo, both of you!!!
Photos will follow soon...



Another fantastic weekend:
Gazardiel av Poppyfield, Thor won his first and second CACIB in Romania, at CACIB Bucharest and Slobozia, under judges: Cristian Vantu(Ro) and Lim(AUS). He also got BOB.
His sister, Liwet av Poppyfield, Kaja, got her third and fourth CACIB in the same shows and also BOS.
They are 17 months old!!!! We congratulate them and their owners, we are so proud of them!



CAC Hauger Loppe, Pauline Leon, got her first CAC under Juan C. Naveda (Spain). Wallace Balthazar Rex, got his 2 Norwegian CAC at the same show.



Another weekend to be proud of....
On 19th August, Gazardiel av Poppyfield (Thor), got his first CAC in Intermediate class at CAC-Brasov, under judge Lokodi Zsolt (Ro). And because he tasted the feeling of winning, he also won BOB and BOG. He is 17 months old!



Madame de Pompadour av Poppyfield won the juniorclass with honourprize at the NKK International show in Oslo 12/8. She qualified for Crufts.



CACIB Targu Mures - Romania: A Poppyfield family member hits one more time! Again, the young star Liwet av Poppyfield - Kaja - makes history at her only 16 months of age, taking her third BOB and second CACIB under the respectable judge Mr. Teixeira Luis Pinto, becoming Romanian Champion, one week after her Bulgarian, Makedonian and Balkanian Champion titles.
Her full titles now are: Romanian and Bulgarian Junior Champion, Romanian, Bulgarian, Makedonian and Balkan Champion!



Fantastic news for Poppyfield family!!!
The already very known Via Aurelia av Poppyfield (Ice) hit like a bomb again in Balkans...Not only that he gained 3 new titles in 2 days of showing, but he did it in his well known great style, winning CACIB, BOB and RBOG in one day and CAC, BOB, BOG3 in the second day. This is what he has done:
First show, 23.07.2006: CACIB Bulgaria (judge Georgi Hristozov - Serbia), champion class: CAC, CACIB, BOB, RBOG. He wins the title "Great Champion of Bulgaria"
Second show, 27.07.2006: CAC Makedonia (judge Ivan Dimitrov - Bulgaria), champion class: CAC, B.M, BOB, 3BOG. He wins 2 new titles: Makedonian Champion and Balkanian Champion.
His full titles are now: Int.Ro.Bg.Hu.Mk.Balkan Ch. as well as Grand Ch of Bulgaria and Romanian Ch. Cum Laudae, Winner in Tournament of the champions and Afghan and Sighthound of the year 2004 in Romania.
All this after a few months of a small holiday from the ring. Last great results he had were in Hungary, in April, when not only that he won his Hungarian Champion title, but he did it again in his own style, taking CACIB, BOB and BOG in 2 days in Tata (Hungary).
And this is not all what we are proud of...
The very young star Liwet av Poppyfield (Kaja) was also shown in Bulgaria first time in a CACIB show in intermediate class. Not only that she took the title in her class, but she also won CACIB and BOS (in opposite with her uncle - Ice).
At the Bulgarian CAC show, entered in junior class she got the title of Bulgarian Junior Champion and in her third show in Varna - at Makedonian CAC entered in intermediate class she took CAC, 2BB. All these at only 16 months of age!!!!!
Her titles are now: Romanian Junior Champion, Bulgarian Junior Champion, Bulgarian Champion, Makedonian Champion and Balkan Champion.

1st of August 2006

New site launched!

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