There is no sighthound racing in Norway. There is no sighthound stadium. To train my dogs for racing i have to go to Alingsås in Sweden. That is: I travel for 4 hours to let my dogs run for about 40 seconds. Then there is 4 hours home!

As my dogs are known all over Europe for their running abilities, they were invited to The World Championship in racing in Finland 2004. I entered Waterloo Surprise and Cassiopeia.

The big problem was to make Cassiopeia accept to start from the trap, she refused, she wanted to start from the roof of the trap. To get her inside was like to put an Anaconda into a box!
At our last chanse to train for the trap, she managed to run away from me and ran 500 m in rain. When she stopped, the speaker asked calmly,"This dog who just ran without a lure, is she going to race with a lure too?" "Yes, I screamed, 500 m!!!!!!! Then she was calm enough to enter the trap. There was no problems in Finland.
They did two decent runs. They ran in the semi finals, but their time was not good enough for the finals. Waterloo Surprise: 42,8. Cassiopeia 43,8. Not really good, but I was very proud of my two girls.


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